Depression is one of the most significant issues in behavioral health. An average of 7% of Americans suffer from depression.  However, one of the most common misconceptions is that the same remedy to regulate depression works for everyone. This is not the case.  Some will have their symptoms alleviated rapidly, while others will not. Many people want to address this issue but do not know how to deal with it. It’s common, you might have come across many from your circle, your friends or family members, who are suffering from depression. But you do not exactly know what to do, applause to you for not ignoring this, here is a solution as well.

As a whole what is understandable is that people suffering with depression cannot find a solution on their own. Support and guidance needs to be there for helping them. Be it your friend or relative don’t ignore it; talk with them, if you find someone being sad or facing any other questionable behavior, engage with them from heart.

Check out the following article to identify depression-related signs and solutions:

Failing to notice the signs that persist among individuals

Many have heard about depression. Present-day social media stars and celebrities share their experiences with depression. This has reduced the stigma for everyday people to find help.  It is a fact that depression symptoms vary from person to person. As someone who cares understand these symptoms as they can be super difficult to spot.  You could think it is a normal side effect of a common illness and pass by ignoring it.

Traits that are worrying and need attention

People who are battling depression will not admit or explain what they are dealing with and will say everything is alright. But here are some symptoms that are included for a person who is fighting depression:

  1. Always left with negative thoughts. Not enjoying things that they love to do.
  2. Having a feeling of worthlessness.
  3. Not caring about personal hygiene.
  4. Losing hope in living, or thoughts of attempting suicide.
  5. Eating at inadequate levels, both more or less than usual level.
  6. Having trouble focusing on things.
  7. Forgetting things.

Solution to bring them out of depression

It is said that talking is one of the best solutions to problems.  You have heard this from parents and grandparents.  But that is not all:  you must listen! This is even more so for someone whom you think is depressed.

If you want to help someone overcome depression, talk with them, and ask about their thoughts and what makes them feel sad.

One more thing to keep in mind is that never accuse them or blame them for this condition, this will leave them more miserable. The more you sit with them, the more they can share with you. 

Don’t feel for your loved ones rather, try understanding their feelings to give more power to them.

Engage and remain involved

Take this as advice or a note, never state to depressed people that “I know how it feels “as until you are suffering from it, you can’t experience how it will affect you.

It’s of course important that people with mental health issues want their words to be listened to, but it doesn’t end there, you must also make sure you are not letting them prevent you from doing your activities. For instance, if someone in your home is facing depression and is more isolated and want you neither to go out with people, then don’t stay with them every day this will never be a help for them.

Socializing with everyone is a basic need for humans it helps them to stay connected and feel involved. So neglecting them will not be a good sign for you.

Don’t cross the line to not lose yourself

Working on these things now and ignoring your own needs may help you in the better future to treat depression-related issues and address mental health problems.

Many a time, the boundary between physical and emotional stand is not fully maintained among individuals, this leaves with a condition called ‘enmeshment’ which is quite common in co-dependency. In this situation, if one family member is sad or depressed, the other person who is with them will also be sad or depressed.

So, before assisting others, retain a strong self-sense, which will allow you to assist your depressed friend.

Make your point clear with them

When you look at someone who is depressed you can witness them facing difficulty in doing their daily tasks. People with major depressive disorder will be facing this very normally. What is normal to you may not be easy for them under this condition, dishwashing might be a need and easy task for you but to them, they feel dejected to do it.

You can utilize these statements to help these people, whether it’s with shopping or laundry, instead of asking if they need anything. You can directly question them about the task they are having difficulty with. Make it more caring, as in, would it benefit you if I took care of those tasks?

What’s your responsibility?

It’s completely normal to help someone which is not your responsibility. Don’t expect them to say things from their words, even a small yes or a head nod can convey that they need help. Giving hands to them in small things can mean so much to them, by completing the task.

Always make your approach more supportive and don’t expect a thank you or hug because people with a depressed mental state will not mind about these formal thanks or not feel excited that their work is being done.

Make the first move smoothly

Regardless of who it is, taking the first step is always difficult, isn’t it? Whether it is to speak up for something that is not appropriate or for a baby to take its first step, we have struggled since birth. Then these patients have no excuse; they may be aware that they would benefit from therapy sessions but will find it difficult to schedule an appointment. As they proceed further and get the cure, their opinion will helping them in this first step is always vital.

To sum up, providing potential support to depressed patients is critical. From the first step, getting them ready to drive them on your own will undoubtedly produce great results.

Bottom line

Even a car that’s given too much acceleration may end up in an accident. More like that, for some patients the push that you are giving may become a burden, thus give the right push to them. Your help must be more like an offering not to be forced.

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